About Us


The Ador Group started in 1908 as JB Advani & Co Pvt Ltd (JBA), a small trading company founded by 5 families from a small town near Karachi, in pre-independence India. With core operations in engineering products and services, the group has strategically taken advantage of the growing opportunities in both Indian and overseas markets. Our objective has been to nurture businesses to select industrial segments while achieving market leadership.

With this goal in mind, we have expanded to garner a stronghold in core industrial and manufacturing sectors. We have also diversified into the growing e-commerce and orthodontic industries. Our group’s strong ethical and social practices have been a source of pride to all stakeholders and it ensures the highest levels of business excellence.

Our Ethos

What we value the most is impeccable teamwork, trust and strength of communication between various departments and collaborators. Our prime endeavour has been to ensure that our employees, clients and shareholders, can contribute comprehensively to our development with wholesome returns.

Moreover, we are passionate about what we have to offer back to our country’s growth and our environment. Leaving positive footprints behind our every successful journey is not just a goal for us, it’s our responsibility.

Social And Ethical Practices

Moral conduct is characteristic for our business and has been important for our legacy since the beginning, as imagined by our Founders in 1908. The Ador Group is a company that tries to set the bar high when it comes to adhering to ethical ways of work so that our employees find confidence and comfort in knowing they’re dealing with an honest company.

We follow sound and direct business standards, considering the interests of the investors our own, and the wellbeing of the employees. We strive to create an environment where each individual speaks, contributes and acts with honesty and integrity.

We understand that actions speak louder than words, therefore, our senior leaders are mindful of their responsibility to lead by an example and help the newer generations of the workforce.


Giving back to society is important to us as responsible citizens of the world. Ador group has been at the forefront of ensuring that our social, economical and environmental impact remains positive. Be it through everyday things like providing impeccable sanitation of our premises for employee health or raising charity funds for various causes that affect our nation today. Therefore, we have created our JBA charitable trust to fund CSR initiatives that are core to our beliefs.

The Gift Of Giving

The real joy of Christmas lies in bringing a smile to everyone's face, sharing the spirit of kindness and celebrating together as a community! At our Ador campus, we reflected these festive virtues by gathering children from orphanages and creating something special for them. We hosted an amazing Christmas event as we danced, sang and performed together to make beautiful memories that will now last a lifetime.

Food Drives

We have always raised awareness to address prevalent poverty and hunger. We don't just advocate our good intentions, but go ahead to regularly organise food drives, in various parts of the country.

Education Drives

We take thoughtful initiatives with regards to promoting schooling in under-privileged sections of society, because we believe that education empowers people to pursue their potential.

Sanitation Drives

We align with the Indian Government's "Swacch Bharat Abhiyaan" to create awareness about the importance of personal hygiene, especially during the times of a world pandemic by distributing sanitizers to the needy.

Our Clients